Clipping path is a vectored shape that is used during image editing process to differentiate between the background and subject of an image. In this case, the original background of an image is scratched and inserted it into a new image or background. Anything inside the path will be included and anything outside the path will be excluded when the clipping path is applied. The use of clipping path may result a shambolic editing when the process is not followed properly.

Why clipping path?

  1. Clipping path is the core of all other image manipulation processes.
  2. It is important in both 2D and 3D graphics.
  3. Another vital role is to hide all the annoying things from the image to make it looks extraordinary.
  4. This is must for cutting age application and that is why the application of clipping art is proliferating drastically.
  5. Besides, it is much more effective in color adjusting role along with cull objects that do not need to be extracted.

Which software is used?

There are numerous software available for image editing process including adobe Photoshop, illustrator, fireworks, CorelDraw etc. among these, “adobe Photoshop” is used widely. Here, different numbers of tools are present such as lasso tool, pen tool, extract filter, magic wand and so on. However, Photoshop “pen tool” is the nuts and bolts for clipping path. This pen tool is special from others as because no other tool can provide crunchy output of clip image like pen tool.

Who need clipping path?

  1. In photo studios
  2. Graphic design house
  3. Digital photographer
  4. E-commerce shop
  5. Catalog company
  6. Web developer
  7. Advertising agency
  8. For the person who wants to image his own photo without paying money to others.
  9. Magazine as well as Newspaper company and so on

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