Image Manipulation

What does image manipulation mean?

Image manipulation is an art and methodology through which an image is altered to make an illusion, rather than what the original image represents using different software.  Once the image manipulation is done, the resulting image may have little or no resemblance to the original image.Adobe Photoshop is the most common software that is used in this process.


In this age of science, it is quite easy to manipulate an image using different applications. However, it was not so easy in the early age. Before the invention of computers, photo manipulation was done by scratching, retouching with ink, double exposure, painting and so on. History tells us that, image manipulation was achieved professionally with the advent of digital retouching by using “Quantel” computer’s running Paintbox and Scitex imaging workstations.

Types of image manipulation:

Technical retouching–  is the manipulation of image  through adjusting sharpness, color, contrast, removing  unwanted spots on skin and some other simple changes. In this case, the resulting image may be quite resemblance compare to the original one.

Creative retouching:

Here, in most occasions the resulting image lost is integrity. It is usually done for advertisement as well as fashion by creating more glossy and interesting images. In creative retouching, different types of extra elements even the background and locations are added.For example,

Where it is applied?

  • In digital studio.
  • Advertising agency.
  • Web developer.
  • E-commerce shop.
  • In glamour photography.
  • In journalism.
  • In magazine company and so on.



Controversy and image manipulation:

Although its implication is increasing drastically, it is a controversial issue in the area of journalism, glamour photography along with celebrity’s photo manipulation. Every now and then, it is seen that some yellow journalists manipulate any image in such a manner thatthe original image loose its reliability. This type of case triggered a debate about the appropriateness of photo manipulation in journalism. This is applicable for celebrities as well. This is because, their images also influenced in a negative or ridiculous way. Thegovernments are against to excessive image manipulation also.

In this era of science, everyone is independent and the attitude of us has considerably changed in favor of technology. However, technology itself is not responsible for these iniquities.  It is the devil in man which puts it to wrong use.